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Browser Sentry is a content filtering software application designed to prevent the viewing of sites which are unsuitable for children and incompatible with daily workplace internet use.

Browser Sentry will help to prevent the users of your computer from accessing pornographic and gambling sites on the internet. It works by monitoring the titles of the windows as they open, looking for prohibited words. Unlike other content filters, it does not rely on constantly changing blacklists which need continual updating. While it may not catch every page, the great majority will be prevented, and will almost certainly be activated at some point within a particular session if such sites are being viewed.

When a prohibited word or phrase is detected, Browser Sentry will close all internet pages and set a notice "flag" to alert you to the fact that the filter was triggered. This flag will appear the next time the computer is restarted and will require a password to re-set. This will alert you to the likelihood that a deliberate attempt was made to access a prohibited site. This flagging mechanism is very useful should you wish confront an employee or have a word with a child about their internet activities.

Of course you can suspend the filter temporarily at any time using the password protected utility interface, giving you control over its operation.

The Free version available below requires your browser's home page to be set to the Browser Sentry Safe Start Page. (Click here to see the page). This page uses Google's "Safe Search", which provides an added level of security. This feature is optional in the Registered version which is available for the incredibly low price of just 5.99! (approx. $11.00 US)

Browser Sentry is 100% safe, it contains no viruses or spyware, you wont receive spam, nor do we sell your email address to third parties.

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Be sure to choose "save" rather than "open" or "run" !

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