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I Ching


The Book of Changes

This timeless classical Chinese method of divination is now available in a beautifully presented software application. More than simply a glimpse into the future, the I Ching delivers advice and guidance as well as prediction.  The answers are uncannily to the point, and often contain uncomfortable truths for the questioner!

The software simulates the Coin Oracle method, which 'throws' 3 coins to produce the six lines of a hexagram in response to a query. It uses the Wilhelm translation,  with a unique combination of the hexagram descriptions and commentary, as well as the meanings of the individual lines. It outclasses other I Ching software with its inclusion of beautiful Chinese Fine Art. Worth the price of just 5.99 simply for the text and Artwork alone! 

Though a visit to a trained reader will always be superior, for those who wish to consult the oracle themselves this software will deliver results that match the subtleties of the coin method.

And further, because the coin method is complex, there exists the possibility of human error in calculating the hexagrams, which is eliminated through utilising the accuracy of computer programming.

I have been taking advice from the I Ching for 40 years, and experience the same sense of awe and reverence from the responses issuing from this software as I do when using the more complicated coin method.

It may be argued that the ritual element of throwing coins adds a dimension to the query that is missing by using software, and this has merit. However I believe such ritual is an aid to prepare the proper mental attitude of the questioner, and this can also be achieved by developing a personal ritual around the way you consult the software oracle.

The debate is an interesting one, but why not make up your own mind?


6 Session Demo

This demo version will give you six sessions to evaluate the software. (One session consists of starting the program, making queries and closing the program. You can ask an unlimited number of questions in one session.)



(Be sure to choose "Save to Disk", not "Run" or "Open" !)


This software is 100% safe; it contains no viruses
or spyware, nor do we send out spam or sell
our customer's email addresses.


Works on MS Windows 98, 2000, XP and Vista only.
Minimum screen resolution 800 x 600, best at 1024 x 768 and Higher.
Requires Firefox or Internet Explorer. May work with other browsers but not guaranteed.



















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